Using EZRod'r™

Assembly Instructions

EZRod'r™ is easy to use. Removing the contents of the bag you will find six pieces: 2-padded cross bars, 2-posts (1-2" and 1-4"), and 2-magnetic bases. Note, each magenet is covered by a rubber boot. The boots are used when storing.

EZRod'r™ is easy to use.

Pickup the 4" post and thread it into the magnetic base so the tapered end up. Next, thread the padded crossbar onto the top of the post. Remove the rubber boot from the magnetic base. Now, gripping the magnet and the crossbar, twist to gently tighten the unit. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.

Repeat steps above using the 2" post. Click here to see assembled EZRod'r holders.

How to use

Remove rubber boot before using.

Notice one holder is taller than the other. With the rubber boot removed, place the taller holder on the hood of your vehicle, passenger side, toward the front of the car. Find a clean, flat magnetic surface. Magnets work best on clean and flat surfaces. Set the shorter holder on the cab of the car, above the passenger.

Place on clean, flat magnetic surface.

Next, hold your fishing rod like you were fishing. Stand in front of your vehicle, pointing your pole over the cab and lay your rod across a padded portion of each holder so the tip of your pole is pointing toward the back of the vehicle. Your reel should be close to the taller holder and not touching your car. (See images to right.)

Designed for holding two rods.

Using the stretch cord tab on the holder, pull the stretch cord over the handle of your rod and loop the tab over the end of the crossbar. Walk over to the holder on the cab and secure the top portion in the same way. You are now ready to head off and find those fish.

Not for highway use.

The EZRod'r™ is not recommended for highway use.

Click here a for pdf version of instructions.

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